These Are Tips So That Electricity Costs Don’t Rise

These Are Tips So That Electricity Costs Dont Rise

Karstcountry –  In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic that has hit the world, the choice to work at home (WFH) is the main choice, so that the spread of the virus can be controlled by doing the work at home, the cost that usually comes with the office being carried will be moved to a home causing the costs incurred. The cause is electricity, and the use of electricity to work from home causes monthly expenses to rise. Therefore, one of the engineering faculty students of Diponegoro University gave tips so that electricity costs can be reduced for the KKN program under the guidance of dr. Ir. Yoyok Budi Pramono S.Pt. M.Si. IPM. Well, here are the tips venos tech:

1. Switch off the TV if you are not watching

There must be a lot of people turning on the TV but rather playing the cell phone or even letting them sleep and not watching the TV. well, it can increase the cost of electricity. For example, if you want to play the phone, you do not have to turn it on and if you want to sleep, it is better to turn on music instead of turning on the television.

2. Switch on the air conditioner only if necessary

Similarly, if the TV is not in use, it is better if the AC is turned off and can use natural air. Using natural air can also reduce the dangers of the COVID 19 virus, so it is better to use natural air properly.

3. Switch off the power when the house is empty

If the house is empty, it is better if the electric power is switched off, and that it can not avoid the fire danger that we do not know when you leave the house, but it can also reduce the electricity consumption.

4. Choose energy-efficient electronic devices

The use of energy-efficient electronic devices can reduce the cost of electricity by up to 40%, because the energy used works efficiently and no electricity is wasted.

5. Pull out the plug that is not in use

There are certainly many who just remove the USB part during charging and the adapter is still plugged in, this can also increase the cost of electricity because the adapter that is still installed will still suck electricity.

6. Use an LED lamp

LED lamps are lamps that can use electricity efficiently because the electrical energy used by LED lamps is used only for lighting, unlike other lamps; electrical energy is used for lighting and also for heat, where heat energy should not be used for lamps that function as lighting. .

7. Switch off the lights when not in use

The lights should be turned off when not in use, during the day it is better to use natural lighting and at night it is better to turn it off so that the cost of electricity can be reduced.

8. When you prefer to iron immediately

Many people stop ironing and continue later, it can also cause electricity costs to rise because the iron is not heated immediately, it takes time to heat and the time it takes to heat the iron it uses will be useless of electricity.

By applying these tips, you can not only reduce electricity costs, but also become a user who saves electricity, because by saving electricity, we can help areas that have not received the full electricity, and also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in the air caused by combustion by generators. can realize electricity and energy saving because saving is easier than making new energy.

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