Different Meanings of Non-Routine Travel

Traveling is the general movement of individuals between different distant geographical locations. Travel can be accomplished by car, bicycle, foot, train, plane, bus, boat or any other means and is one way to travel or round trip, usually within a country or state. The common methods of traveling include air travel, land travel, sea travel and walking. However, the most common way of traveling is car traveling.


When people talk of travelling, it usually means going from point A to point B. This definition includes all modes of transportation and does not exclude walking, jogging or bicycling. In other words, the meaning of the phrase ‘going abroad’ encompasses all travelling except air traveling. In fact, travelling generally involves several modes of transportation and people rarely do all three at once.

Traveling is a very important part of business and recreational travel. Business travel involves meetings, interviews, seminars, trade fairs, product launch, conventions and the like. They require different modes of travel to get from one place to another. For example, in business travel, people need to go from office to office, from meeting to meeting and so on. Therefore, the need for different kinds of transport is also necessary.

Recreational travel is generally for leisure purpose and involves travel for pleasure or to connect with friends and family. It can also include travel for marriage or for vacation or to visit different places. In recreational travel, there are no schedules and people can travel according to their own timetable. For example, if an individual wants to go to Spain for a week-long vacation, he can go to Spain at his own free time, on his own schedule and without any schedules.

Travelling by land is relatively easier and faster than travelling by air. Travelling by road is safe as long as one takes proper precaution while driving and the vehicles are maintained well. However, one can have a worry free travel if one travels by sea. The cruise ship provides special facilities for those travelling by sea. Hence, the chances of getting stranded in a foreign country are almost nil.

There are different meanings for different modes of travel and one can apply it to his or her travel irrespective of the reason. For instance, when talking about holidays, one cannot talk about a cruise trip without mentioning a flight to Rio. Hence, there is no chance of missing a connecting flight. Similarly, for business travelling, the meaning of non-routine travel does not mean that it should happen only occasionally. It means travelling that becomes regular because of some reason.