Holidays – A Time to Cheer and Brag


Holidays – A Time to Cheer and Brag

A holiday is a day set apart by law or custom where most normal activities, particularly work or school including church, are curtailed or suspended. Generally, holidays are meant to let people to celebrate or commemolate an occasion or belief of significant cultural or spiritual meaning. Holidays represent the joys and happiness for people while at the same time relieving stress and providing a respite from the hectic life styles. The occurrence of holidays is observed in different parts of the world in different seasons depending on the availability of the weather.

There are certain days which are considered holidays by different countries. An example of such is Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day among other holidays. In most of the cultures, these are observed during different times of the year and are related to the festivals celebrated in that particular month. These holidays have universal appeal making them highly popular throughout the world.

Holidays have gained importance as they give an opportunity for people to spend quality time with family and friends. In addition, people generally look forward to festive occasions such as festivals such as New Year’s, St. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day among other major festivals. These festivals make the festive period more colorful and vibrant especially on the social front. In some cultures, these festivals also provide an opportunity for couples to get married and take the oath of a life long commitment.

Holiday celebrations are marked on many different fronts in most of the countries. They can be categorized according to seasons. In the United States, the most common holiday for most of the people falls under the category of Christmas. This festival is highly appreciated by all segments of the society and culminates with the opening of Christmas trees on December 24th, a time when family members and friends give gifts, especially handmade and decorative ones, to wish each other on this happy occasion.

Thanksgiving is another highly significant holiday which is celebrated on the second Wednesday of October. On this day, people celebrate the consumption of turkey with various spreads spread across the table. Some even opt for baked dishes and other home cooked delicacies during this time.

Festivals like Halloween and Easter have become extremely popular among people from all sections of the society. The spirit of these holidays binds people with much zeal and excitement. All over the world, these holidays result in heavy spending by both, individuals and families. All types of industries make a huge income during this time of the year.