Holidays – An Ancient Spectator Sport

A holiday is a day set apart by law or custom, where normal daily activities, particularly work or school including church, are temporarily suspended or curtailed. In general such holidays are planned to let people celebrate or commemorate an occasion or belief of particular cultural or ethnic meaning. Holidays vary widely according to the culture of the country. There are religious holidays, as well as non-religious ones. The days and times for celebrated holidays change on a yearly basis.

Christmas, the festival of lights, comes on December 24th, the last full moon before the winter season. People decorate their homes and houses with ornaments and stockings. Christmas crackers are placed under Christmas trees and other decorative items are bought and placed around the home. Fireworks are also used extensively all over the city and the region. All these celebrations make the holiday period very cheerful and joyous. Most holiday makers go back home to their families shortly after Christmas has come to an end and they start the new season and try to continue the good old traditions.

Holidays pay a lot of attention to the people who take time off to visit their relatives and friends in other parts of the world. For the part of the country, there are national holidays and state holidays, and local holidays too. Some places have separate holiday names for the month. For instance, New Year’s holiday in the U.S.A. is called New Year’s Eve, while the British English designation of January 1st is called Twickenham Festival Day. The list goes on.

There are a large number of public holidays in U.K. These are public holidays which are normally scheduled to be a week or two off peak times. They are arranged so that every individual can take a holiday at a convenient time without losing anything in terms of the rates of holiday packages. If you book your holiday packages, you can also avail of discounts during these public holidays. For example, if you book a room at a hotel located in the town of Twickenham during December and March, you will get a considerable discount on your hotel bill.

Holidays names like Bank holiday, fasting holiday, harvest festival etc are names given to specific public holidays. The most popular among them are Bank holiday (which falls on the third Sunday of the month of June), harvest festival (which fall in the middle of August), and St. Valentine’s Day (which falls on February 14th). All these are generally recognized as national public holidays in U.K. In many places, however, they are observed as national religious holidays, with special parades, processions, and celebrations. These are usually scheduled for a short period of time in order to entertain large numbers of people.

It is obvious from above that people always look forward to Holidays. They make all the arrangements for their holidays before the New Year gets closer and they are ready to spend their money. So do make best use of the money you have saved up, buy Holidays packages and have a blast this year!