Preferred Spellings – Travelling Vs. Travelling


Preferred Spellings – Travelling Vs. Travelling

Traveling by road is the movement of humans between various discrete geographical areas. Traveling by road can be one-way or round trip, between different destinations, and is usually one way. The most common modes of travel by road are:

TRAVELING & DRIVING: In travel, one can talk about travelling either by land and sea, by land and air, by bus or train, or by boat and air. But, what really defines the term ‘travel’? Traveling by land and sea includes vehicular travel, such as that by trains, vehicles, buses, automobiles, etc., whereas’vehicle travel’ refers to travelling by land and aircraft. In other words, travelling implies movement from one point to another. Therefore, the term ‘traveling’ can take various forms.

TRAVELING & DRIVING: In the United States, travel is an international experience. American travel has become the most popular international experience for tourists. In the American lexicon, travel can mean air travel, land travel, and boat travel. These are but a few of the definitions in traveling in the American lexicon; the travel behaviors and practices experienced by individuals also vary widely according to various cultures and ethnic groups.

USING TRAVELING: When we say traveling, we imply different meanings for the same word. For example, in the United States, travelling implies going from one place to another. Therefore, when we say ‘going abroad’, it implies going from one country to another, but when we say’migrating to the United States’, it implies a transference of one’s identity across international borders.

Pronunciation of TRAVELLING: As is evident in the name, traveling is derived from the French word ‘travert’ or ‘trope’ which means traveling. However, while originating in France, the word has now come to refer to American life as well. Most American tourists are accustomed to pronouncing the word differently from their Canadian and British counterparts. For example, American English prefers the word as ‘travelling’ rather than ‘jumping’ or ‘boarding’. In British English, the word can come out more clearly as ‘trampolining’ rather than ‘boarding’.

Usage of TRAVELLING: In today’s american english, travelling are interchanged more frequently than at any other point in history. However, some aspects of this are still perceived differently by many American visitors than others. For example, some people might perceive a trip to Canada as a longer one (especially if it is from the States), while other Americans would not consider a trip to Canada to be travelling at all. As such, when considering using the preferred spelling, ‘traveller’ is clearly preferable. This is especially true when traveling between states or regions.