The Pros and Cons of Vacationing

A vacation is a temporary leave of absence, normally for the purpose of travel or recreation, usually for the short term. Generally people take a vacation at certain holiday intervals, or on special occasions or holidays. Many vacations are also spent by family or friends. In recent years, vacation time has become more leisurely and people spend more time on their computers, watching TV and playing computer games. In short, vacation time is now a term that describes a period of time in which one is either away from the normal life or routine and is located primarily at his or her own leisure and discretion.


The typical vacation time period is one week per year, although it varies from employee to employee. However, some companies offer paid time off as well as paid vacation. Many businesses also encourage employee sponsored travel. This is when employees travel offsite to a place of their choice, usually to visit an activity, attend a conference or training course, go hiking or fishing, or participate in an art or craft project. Often times, employees are reimbursed for this type of travel expense. Sometimes, however, employees are required to pay all or part of their own expenses for vacation time away.

Typical vacation packages include airfare, hotel accommodations, car rental, breakfast or dinner, and guided tours, depending upon the destination. One can usually find a package that suits personal growth needs. These can include hiking and camping trips, traveling and hiking clubs, bicycling groups and many more. These types of trips are especially beneficial to those on extended solo missions and are good ways for someone to meet others who share similar interests.

Another option for people who would like to make a change and have a little fun while traveling is the city vacation. City vacations are similar to country vacations in that they focus on sightseeing instead of travel. They usually last a few days and include sightseeing at several places. A city vacation is most common for those who are just starting out in their careers and those with family in tow. The majority of city vacations are planned during weekdays, so those who wish to travel on weekends must plan their trips around school, work and family life.

The above three vacation types cover the most popular ones. There are pros and cons to all three. It really depends on what the purpose is for traveling. Each type has its pros and cons and it is important to look into them before embarking on a trip.

VACATION is a great way to de-stress and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether one is planning a business trip, a romantic getaway with their significant other or simply a relaxing vacation, taking time away from work and the distractions that it entails can be a wonderful experience. For those who are more interested in health benefits, vacations can provide some of the most restful and stress relieving experiences of their lives. VACATION is an affordable way to travel the world and reap the wonderful health benefits that come along with it.