Traveling by Air, Boat and Bus – 3 Major Types of Tourist Transportation

Travelling is the traveling of individuals between different geographical areas. Travelling can be done by land, sea, air, bus, train, car, bicycle, horseback, or any other means and is one way or round trip travelling. A single trip is one way travelling usually within a country or within a continent. Travelling can also mean traveling between two points in the same country or across an ocean, i.e. flying from one point to another. The various modes of transport are land, air, sea, and ocean.


In today’s globalized world there are more interconnecting links than ever before. This has increased the possibilities for travellers to interact with other travellers while travelling. However, there are different meanings for some of these connections, depending on the point of view of those travelling and/or the tourists. It is also necessary that the tourists’ own language is understood by the people travelling along with them in order to have a pleasant and peaceful journey. Below is a short description of the different meanings associated with the various modes of transport that have helped the world become a much larger place.

Air – American writing means ‘traveling by air’, but this term is also used to describe travelling by road. This mode of travel is very popular and is the most widely used mode of travel in North America. Airlines offer flights on almost every day of the week as well as on any day of the year. Most airlines have direct flights to major cities.

Road – American writing means ‘to travel by road’. This is a very popular means of travel that allows the traveler to see many different geographical locations including major cities, major towns, cities around the seas and oceans, and also remote and faraway geographical locations which are not reached by air. Travelers can use either American or Canadian writing for the purpose of travelling by road.

Bus – The bus is an inexpensive mode of travel that is used for both business and pleasure. The bus travels from one place to another frequently and it has become very popular among tourists who wish to see many places in a limited time frame. Most bus tours offer a special bus for the tourist circuit. They also provide comfortable accommodation at the roadside. A tourist will get comfortable and relaxed during travel time and he can enjoy the natural beauty of the area during his stay at the bus stop. The tourism industry of any town depends upon the patronage of the people.

Boat – The boat is a good choice of transportation when it comes to travelling for short distances. Boats can carry a lot of luggage and people travelling by boat can take their meals and necessities with them. This can be a good option if you want to see different places during your vacation. Boat transport can also be a very economical choice when it comes to holiday vacations.