Traveling in the United States: The Meaning of Travelling

Traveling is the act of people moving between different geographical areas. Travel can be undertaken by foot, car, bicycle, plane, train, bus, boat, sea or any other mode of transportation, with or without baggage, and is one way to get to another place or to another location. Travel helps people to socialize, develop and strengthen their relationships and family ties by getting them out from the house or office and spending time in a familiar environment.


In the past, travelling was largely a part of the job of a government representative or an army officer. But now people have started travelling for business or pleasure either temporarily or on a longer-term basis. The development in tourism has led to the opening up of many new destinations and tourist spots all over the world. A person can now start his or her own tourism business by travelling to different places on business or pleasure. This is a lucrative opportunity as the profits of a successful tourism venture can soar into high millions. But before you embark upon this venture you need to get enough information about travelling, the different places and the best way to travel there.

There are several different meanings associated with travel. For example, travel means moving from one place to another. Similarly, travel can mean traveling within a country or it can also mean travelling to another country, but within the same continent. And when we talk about tourism, we are talking only about traveling within the country or to another country for the purpose of visiting friends or for pleasure. Broadening the perspective of tourism can help us to understand more clearly the meaning of travelling.

There are several important facts that must be kept in mind when we talk about travel. The first fact is that travelling means going from one point to another. This is in the literal sense, i.e., from one city or town to another. In the cultural or spiritual sense of the term, travelling symbolizes travelling to another dimension or world.

When it comes to travelling in the United States, a lot of tourists choose to travel between two states, because that is one longer and much easier way of travelling. When speaking in American English, it is better to use the pronouns “we”, “it” and “ourself” rather than the common third person pronouns such as “itself”, “us” or “our.” Another detail that has to be noted is the preferred spelling of words. When mentioning a specific place in the country, it is always preferable to write it phonetically rather than spell it out phonetically. Americans pride themselves on following the correct pronunciations of words, especially those that have special significance to them.

It is interesting to note that the travel meaning of touring is much more flexible and less dependent on location and time. The meaning of touring can also be related to leisure and recreation. In most cases, American tourists tend to go on holidays for non-business reasons. They will probably be visiting family members or friends for a holiday. For this type of non-business travel, it is best to use the term leisure and recreational travelling rather than tourism in American English.