Travelling Vs Staying

Travelling is the transfer of individuals between different, often distant, geographical locations. Travelling can take place by foot, car, plane, train, bus, boat, car or any other mode, with or without baggage, and is one way or another. Travelling to most destinations in the world is a popular pastime and one of the most popular ways of traveling for international travel. There are many different ways of travelling when it comes to travelling for domestic travel. Some of the most common travelling methods include:


In Canada, travelling within the country is usually simple. For those travelling from another country to Canada, it can take a little longer due to the language and cultural barriers. The main language for travellers who travel to Canada from other countries is French, although English is also used by a small percentage of travellers. Two major airports that serve international flights to Canada are located in New York City and Toronto, and there are also a number of different ways of travelling to this part of the world.

American and Canadian Travellers When most people hear the word “American” they think of hamburgers and football, but American and Canadian travelling can have many different meanings. Most commonly, American travellers are one of two groups: either those who intend to study abroad, or those who wish to experience life as an expat in America. American expats find Canada a very exciting and culturally diverse place to live, work and visit. A common bridge linking these two groups is the open-door policy that most American schools provide to their Canadian counterparts once they have arrived at their destination.

British Travelers When most people hear the word “British” they think of the country, but British expats tend to be one of the most popular groups of travellers to Canada. Like their American counterparts, British expats find Canada a stimulating and interesting place to live and work. The four main English speaking provinces all have rich history and heritage, and many great historical sights are to be found within easy reach of many British expats. Because of this, many expats choose to travel between Canada and Britain on either a permanent or semi-permanent basis. British travel can also often include a short stopover in the city of Toronto. The most popular routes for British expats to Canada are the Skytrain, Trans Canada and the Trans Atlantic.

European Travelers While most Americans and Canadians think of travelling as simply going from one point to another, Europeans see it much differently. Europeans tend to be more interested in seeing the world than American and Canadian tourists, and if that means spending some time in some of the smaller cities across the continent, then it is what they prefer to do. When looking at the various ways of travelling between Canada and Europe, you should keep in mind that British visitors are welcome to take advantage of Canadian rail services between any of the four main areas.

Routine Travel Just as there are non-routine routes and modes of travel between Canada and the United States, travellers coming to Canada need to make themselves familiar with some of the non-routine forms of travel as well. When considering the ways of travelling between Canada and the United States, one of the most common ways of crossing the border is by land. However, when coming to Canada through Mexico, rail is often a better option due to the safer and more secure transportation of goods across the desert. Boat travel within the country is also an option for those who are interested in a cross-country escape, although the cost of crossing the water can often make it an expensive trip. As with any type of non-routine travel, it is always best to check with a professional for the best advice on booking tickets, equipment requirements, and other important information.