Why Do We Need To Know The Preferred spelling Of Canadian Phrases?


Why Do We Need To Know The Preferred spelling Of Canadian Phrases?

Travelling is the act of moving from a specified starting point to a specified destination. Travelling may be done by walking, horseback, car, bicycle, plane, train, bus, boat or any other means and is one way or multi-way. There are three main types of travelling: commercial travelling, commuting or public transportation, and pleasure travel. Commercial travelling involves the movement of goods for sale. Commuting is the act of travelling to and from work or school.

Health benefits of travelling include the reduction of stress, more restful sleep, improved immune system functioning and physical conditioning. Travelling allows you to expand your horizons and meets various needs of your personality. Travelling has also been associated with higher levels of happiness, better mental health, enhanced sense of well-being and improved social interactions. The various health benefits of travelling include:

o Use of British English as per travel requirement – As per the United States Department of State’s webpage on Foreign Language, “The use of British English in traveling to Canada is highly recommended.” You will get a better understanding of Canadian culture, communities and practices, by learning and speaking Canadian English. You will also be able to read and speak about Canada, to make your trip a memorable experience. You should not feel odd or out of place while travelling to Canada in the use of British English.

o Learning new words – Learning a new language is important to improve and enrich your daily life. While travelling, you will be able to learn a number of new words. You may even find some odd ones, but that can be forgotten quickly. Your mind will not be cluttered with the different words. You can even learn a few new words every day while travelling. You may even come across a couple of Canadian slang, which you would have never heard of otherwise.

o Enhanced sense of well-being – Learning a language when travelling makes you learn a lot about Canada, the way people live there and the various cultures and communities living there. Being familiar with a new country and their traditions gives a great boost to your overall well-being. You will gain a greater understanding of their daily life, by immersing yourself into their culture. Traveling also makes you aware of the important places around the world. This helps you plan your next visit with ease. You can plan on visiting a new place with ease after experiencing the exciting and beautiful land of Canada.

So now, you must have realized the importance of learning to spell Canadian words! Learning to spell Canadian names and phrases is an essential part of learning to travel and explore Canada. The preferred spelling is also very important when travelling outside the United States.